Electric charging station for professional or private use

YOUCATEL distributes and installs electric charging station that allow recharging any vehicle equipped with a European standard plug (type 2) They differ in their quick loading speed (22 kW on 230V or 400V), their European technical quality and attractive personalization options, such as universal contactless payment & QR code or their remote management as a connected object

A solution exists for each customer profile: Companies, Non-merchants, Professionals and Individuals.

Investment in an charging station has benefited from a reinforced tax advantage since September 1, 2021.

Discover below our most popular solutions meeting the needs of many electric car users. Our team uses them daily for their vehicles, tested and approved!

It is of course possible to obtain a quote for a personalized offer that will meet all your needs, with a cutting-edge team in the field.

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Our range of electric charging stations

Wall electric charging stations
Borne de recharge électrique Powerdale Advance
Pole-mounted electric charging station
chargeur electrique portable
Mobile electric charger
Specialist in electric charging stations


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