The JUICE CHARGER 2 FLEX is a 22 kW electric charging station, designed in Switzerland by Juice Technology. It is compatible with any electric vehicle with a type 2 plug (car, motorcycle, boat) In the form of a stainless metal case, its sleek and very robust design allows for public or private use. An elegant solution while ensuring prevention against vandalism. It is differentiated by its capacity for elaborate configuration. Check out the 4 configuration options below. Its use is intended to be very simple because it is intuitive.

Borne de recharge publique


This station is perfect for company car parks, tourist places, supermarkets, hotels, etc. With its integrated circuit breaker and its TUV certified electrical fault detection technology, it is one of the safest on the market. The photo illustrates a placement of 6 terminals carried out in 2019 on the parking lot of a supermarket. The qualifier FLEX means that the charger inside the terminal is removable. It can therefore be taken to a place outside its usual place. (Example: during holidays)

Four options allow the configuration of this terminal:

  • the EASY PAYMENT SYSTEM which is a contactless payment screen (MAESTRO / MASTERCARD / VISA)
  • An RFID reader that allows personalized access
  • the connected SMARTJUICE box allowing remote management (on PC, tablet, smartphone) of several connected terminals.
  • A FOOT for fixing to the ground


PRICE : from 2.289€ excl. tax



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