The Powerdale Advance | Nexxtender solution

is a charging solution ready to evolve with the challenges of electromobility.

This charging station is equipped with a device that can adapt perfectly to your emerging needs:

  • charging speed: from 3.7 kW to 22 kW
  • wall or pole mounting
  • 1 or 2 connector (s)
  • with or without connectivity
  • with or without screen
  • with or without badge reader
  • wide choice of interoperability option (OCCP, Modbus)

Smart: The Advance kiosk is equipped with several smart options and remote monitoring capability such as:

  • load management
  • cost management
  • optimization of parking spaces
  • remote monitoring
  • green energy integration


Reliable: Thanks to the quality of our components and our various maintenance services, we can ensure the total reliability of your charging infrastructure.

The Cluster | Nexxtender solution

The most advanced charging solution for parking lots and condominiums

  • Economical & scalable
  • Electronics separate from charging point
    Low cost of communication
    Efficient installation and maintenance
  • Easy & accessible
  • Flexible mounting & power options

Several access options:

Open mode: no identification or authentication required
Nexxtender App: for registered users (for private or public charging points), simply scan the QR code on the charging socket
Access: RFID badge, contactless

Intelligent in complete safety

The Cluster is designed for smart and slow charging (> = 4h)

Smart charging to take into account the energy needs of buildings and the needs of drivers.

Safe: no voltage at the charging point when the charging device is not in use